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Soft Tissue Pollybeak in Rhinoplasty NYC

This is a 23 year old male who underwent a Primary Rhinoplasty procedure with Dr. Slupchynskyj that included reduction of a cartilaginous and bony  dorsal hump, as well as reduction of a bulbous nasal tip.

The patient did well post-operatively and during one of the five-month, post-operative follow-up visits, Dr. Slupchynskyj noticed the patient had a slight elevation over the lower dorsum of the nose, known as a Soft Tissue Pollybeak. A Soft Tissue Pollybeak is due to either scar tissue or persistent swelling in the dorsum. This type of Pollybeak can be corrected using either one, or necessary multiple Kenalog Injections.

In this case, the patient had .1 cc of Kenalog  injected into the Soft Tissue Pollybeak. Subsequently two weeks later, the Pollybeak was resolved, showing a nice re-contouring and straightening of the nasal bridge. Kenalog Injections are useful in reducing Soft Tissue Pollybeak, but are not useful for treatment of a cartilaginous Pollybeak, or if there is extensive scar tissue from a previous surgery.
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