3-D Printing Produces Faux Post-Surgery Noses

“Most Plastic Surgeons that perform computer imaging for Rhinoplasty won’t guarantee results as imaged…It’s only to show a patient the possible change, so they can get an idea of what to expect, but it’s in no way a guarantee. So I can’t see 3-D printing to be beneficial. Unless someday technology allows us to print a biologically viable, compatible nose for the patient…And even then it would probably be used for patients that have had severe trauma or cancer, where the nose has been almost completely destroyed.”

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Remarkable Facts About the Human Nose

A new study reveals that the nose possesses lots of attributes we may not be aware of.


A phenomenal new study may offer comprehension regarding the shape of the human nose —there’s more to our nose than meets the eye.

The study revealed that nose shapes can differ significantly depending on the individual, with a wide range of shapes, with regard to size and shape, according to a statement from University College London. Scientists have determined that it’s not simply an aesthetic feature — our noses might have developed a lot to accommodate various climates. For instance, Europeans may have thinner noses to endure a colder, drier atmosphere.

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Why Choose Ethnic Rhinoplasty?

If you are an African-American considering Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery, there’s a good chance you worry your nose won’t retain its ethnic appearance. A successful outcome after Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgery is depends on several factors: Most importantly, how you well you convey your desired results to your Ethnic Rhinoplasty Surgeon to get the outcome you seek. The more specific you are about the look you desire, the better results you will get. Tell your surgeon if you’re worried about breathing problems, loss of tip definition, low nasal bridge, wide nasal tip, or wide nostrils. Communication is vital to obtaining the best result.

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